APSIS - 用于测量和后勤自主地面车辆

APSIS - Autonomous surface vehicle for measurements and logistic
课程网址: http://videolectures.net/wsnsme2010_zerjal_apsis/  
主讲教师: Aljoša Žerjal
开课单位: 视频讲座网
开课时间: 2010-05-24
课程语种: 英语
微型船设计用于在浅水区进行水文测量,在线测量和样品采集。该船重量轻,尺寸为220 x 65 x 40厘米,两人易于操作。
课程简介: A miniature boat is designed to perform hydrographic surveys, on-line measurements and sample collection in shallow waters. The boat is light-weight, measuring 220 x 65 x 40 cm and is easy to handle by two persons.
关 键 词: 小型船; 测量; 样品收集
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